UPDATED 04/01/2020

Pursuant to Amended Administrative Order A-2020-12, the Fifth Judicial Circuit court will remain closed through Friday, May 29, 2020, except for the following hearings, which still will be conducted during the closure:

1. First Appearance Hearings;

2. Shelter Hearings;

3. Baker and Marchman Act Hearings;

4. Emergency Guardianship Hearings;

5. Risk Protection Order Hearings;

6. Juvenile Detention Hearings;

7. Initial Domestic Violence Injunction Hearings; and

8. Any other matter determined by the Court to be immediate and imminent health, welfare, and safety of an individual or the general public.

The courts may be scheduling and noticing non-essential hearings to be conducted via electronic communication during the closure pursuant to this administrative order.

As of this time, the Clerk's Office will remain open with limited public access for non-essential processes and or services.  We ask all visitors to maintain compliance with CDC guidelines with regard to Social Distancing

  • For CRIMINAL cases: If you would like to receive an automated notification related to an ongoing case please consider subscribing to our eNotify service online

Domestic Administrative Order A-2020-21