On June 8th, 2021 the Florida Courts mandated the Florida Clerk of Court Offices impliment a new security matrix to the Florida Courts EPortal and the Clerks Association Court Records Public Access Portal

There can be several scenarios where your access could have been retired or suspended
These have been the most common issues reported to date:
  • Active Warrants
    • Access granted to JUDGES only

  • Closed cases over 30 days
    • Attorney's will be reverted to Registered User Access Levels in this scenario -- this can "lock documents" if they have not been previously requested and processed for Public Access

  • Access Probate and Guardianship cases:
    • The new Supreme Court security matrix does not give automatic access to the images even for the Attorney of Record
      • You will have to click on the lock and request the document to be released

If you are experincing issues please report them to our official via email at [email protected]

Currently all issues related to this update must be reported in this fashion so that we can report back to the state the overall impact and continue reviewing for possible changes going forward.

** Please note that at this time the CLERK does not have the ability or authority to make changes to the current ASM configuration.  **