Circuit Court

The Circuit Court has jurisdiction over civil actions in which the matter in controversy exceeds the sum of $50,000.00, all cases in equity, actions involving the title and boundaries of real property, injunctions, and all civil matters not within the jurisdiction of the County Court.

County Court

The County Court has jurisdiction over civil actions in which the claims are more than $8,000.00 but less than $50,000.00.

Cases filed pursuant to the Florida Rules of Summary Procedure are categorized as summary claims, formerly known as Small Claims, and are mostly heard by the County Court. This includes landlord / tenant disputes.


The term "probate" generally refers to the process in which a decedent's assets, or estate, are administered. 


A function of the Guardianship division of the Sumter County Clerk's Office is to audit and monitor the guardianship files active in Sumter County. We will do our very best to assist the public in any way that we can.

This also covers Injunction for Protection: Vulnerable Adults

Mental Health

These filings include, but are not limited to, Baker Acts and Substance Abuse cases, Ex parte and Involuntary Placements, Petitions to Determine Incapacity, and Petitions for Adult Protective Services.