The Clerk is the recorder of all instruments required or authorized to be recorded in one general series of "Official Records" books. Upon payment of the statutory fees the Clerk records and indexes a variety of important documents which in most cases are related to real estate.

Examples of such documents include deeds, mortgages, liens, contracts, affidavits, subdivision plats, surveys, declarations of condominium, bills of sale, judgments, certificates of military discharge, and declarations of domicile.

We also provide an Online Document Fee Calculator to help you determine the fees for recording documents in Official Records

Records Redaction

With the advent of the internet and the availability of mass amounts of information, it is one of the most important jobs of the Clerk to protect the identity of its citizens and the information that we keep that could be used in a negative way against them.

In this effort the Clerks Office works everyday on the redaction of Social Security and Bank Account Numbers prior to their availability on any publicly available website. There are cases, however, that special circumstances apply and greater amounts of information are needed to be redacted for such groups as Law Enforcement Officers, Judges, States Attorneys, etc.

In searching the Public Records there are instances where our automated system does not find what it should and the proper information is not redacted. These are usually found on much older records during a time when many of them were hand written and harder to read.

Also, in accordance with Florida Statute - Military Veterans were given the option to have their Military Discharge Papers removed from the Public Record. In order to have the process completed parties must complete the following form in the presense of a Deputy Clerk of Sumter County

If you feel that you meet any of the above criteria, please see the Records Forms Section to review the necessary process to have any additional information redacted or removed from the Official Record of Sumter County.

Developer Restrictions and Covenants

The Sumter County Clerk’s Office keeps a complete list of Developer Restrictions and Covenants for the Recorded Subdivisions in Sumter County.

Plat Subscription

The Clerk’s Office can provide on request a physical download provided through our Secure FileCloud service with the Recorded subdivisions of Sumter County  Updates will be provided quarterly.

 $100 per User Account / Year

  • Account Subscriptions will be renewed in January of each year 

To begin a specific service type please complete the OR Plat Subscription Service Agreement from our Forms Section