Home Solicitation Sales Permit

Instructions for Application for Home Solicitation Sales Permit and Identification Card

Pursuant to Chapter 501, Florida Statutes, individuals who engage in certain door-to-door solicitation activities that sell, lease, or rent consumer goods or services with a purchase price in excess of $25.00 are required to obtain a Home Solicitation Sales Permit.

The following individuals are excluded from this requirement:

  1. Bonafide agents, business representatives, or salespersons making calls or soliciting orders at the usual place of business of a customer.

  2. Solicitors, salespersons, or agents making a call or business visit upon the express invitation, oral or written, of an inhabitant of the premises or her or his agent.

  3. Telephone solicitors, salespersons, or agents making calls that involve transactions that are unsolicited by the consumer and consummated by telephone.

  4. Solicitors, salespersons, or agents conducting a sale, lease, or rental of consumer goods or services by sample, catalog, or brochure for future delivery.

  5. Minors, as defined in s. 1.01(13), Florida Statutes, conducting home solicitation sales under the supervision of an adult supervisor who holds a valid home solicitation sale permit.

  6. Those sellers or their representatives that are currently regulated as to the sale of goods and services by Chapter 475 or Chapter 497, Florida Statutes.

  7. Solicitors, salespersons, or agents making calls or soliciting orders on behalf of a religious, charitable, scientific, educational, or veterans’ institution or organization holding a sales tax exemption certificate under s. 212.08(7)(a), Florida Statutes.

The Recording Department has the responsibility of collecting fees for home solicitation sales permits, acceptance and review of permit applications, and issuance of approved permits.

You may obtain an application on this website (link below) or at the location listed below:

Sumter County Clerk of the Courts
Recording Department
215 E McCollum Ave, Room 190
Bushnell, Florida 33513

Telephone: 532-569-6600