Clerk's Notes

For assistance in obtaining records for Commission Meetings prior to March 2009, please complete the public records request form linked below. 
A Deputy Clerk from our office will contact you to provide any relevant information that we can locate


Public Search Portal for Commission Minutes and Meetings

Please use the link provided below for access to recorded meetings, agenda, and minutes from County Commissioner General, Workshops, Special Sessions, or Value Adjustment Board Meetings.

Meetings dated January 1st, 2021, and after will be processed for ADA Closed Caption compliance using an automated AI-based platform.  Meetings prior to this date will not be captioned by default.  If you have a special request or issues with the current system please contact our Technical Services Division as they will be monitoring this new platform and adding enhancements to our current audio system to increase accuracy.

Please include as much information as possible.  Please email this information to [email protected]

  • Name
  • Return EMail Address
  • Meeting Date
  • Approx Timestamp of Meeting
  • Type of issue you are experiencing

The Clerk will take all necessary steps to ensure that an accurate written record can be provided and to be in compliance with Local, State, and Federal ADA rules and regulations.