The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) is now warning drivers that they could be targeted by a company identifying itself at the DHSMV demanding payment for fraudulent citations.

DHSMV says that the company is in no way affiliated with them.

The company sends emails to people requesting payment of a citation within a certain time frame. The email adds that if the payment isn't received on time the company will falsely require a daily late fee payment.

The email (sample linked) sent to people includes a linked payment page and email address.

DHSMV says the linked payment page appears to be inactive right now, but are still warning that this is a scam and no payment should be made.

DHSMV wants drivers to remember the following:

- The DHSMV and Clerks of Court do not email citations to customers.

- The DHSMV and Clerks of Court do not require citation payment via email.

- Citation numbers are alway seven alpha-numeric digits.

- If a consumer receives a notice regarding a suspicious citation, they should contact the local Clerk of Court of call the DHSMV immediately.