Image of Sumter County Clerk of Courts Gloria R. Hayward

Gloria R. Hayward

From the Sumter County Clerk

In the Florida Constitution, the position of Clerk was established for two purposes.

First, there needed to be a secure place to file the land records so the Clerk became the “Public Trustee” of all records. As Public Trustee, all the records processed have to be microfilmed or imaged to ensure the preservation of the public records for future generations as this is the history of our county.

Second, the Clerk’s position was created so there would be a check and balance within the county government for the Board of County Commissioners and the Courts. Read More

Updates and Information related to the current impact of COVID-19 and Clerk of Court Operations

For information related to current suggestions in dealing with and the effects of COVID please see the attached flyer provided by the Sumter County Health Dept:  Community Resource Guide

Clerk Best Practices Certication The Clerk's Office has received Certification for Acceptance of Best Practices 

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