Common Qustions and Answers

Did my former spouse make a payment?
We do not give payment information over the telephone. You may call the State Disbursement Unit's toll free number 1-877-769-0251 for payment information.
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I did not receive my weekly check, where is it?
The Clerk's office does not process support payments. All payments are processed by the State Disbursement Unit (SDU). Inquiries can be made by calling their toll free number 1-877-769-0251. We do not give payment information over the telephone. Please use the State Disbursement Unit's toll free number 1-877-769-0251. Checks are mailed by State Disbursement Unit.
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Where do I go to enforce my court order?
You have three (3) options:
  1. Hire a private Attorney.
  2. Contact the Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement AND request they enforce your Order.
  3. File appropriate paperwork yourself.
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How can I receive credit to my account for payments made directly to my former spouse?
You may file a petition for credit. The forms are available through Clerk’s Office
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My child has turned 18, how do I stop my wages from being garnished?
First determine if your case is enforced by Child Support Enforcement, if so call their customer service number 1-800-622-5437. If your case does not involve Child Support Enforcement ask your employer if they require a court order to stop the garnishment. If so, you may petition the court to vacate the income deduction order by contacting the Clerk’s Office for the appropriate form.
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One of my children is turning 19, how do I get my support reduced?
If the court order specifies an amount per child then support is automatically reduced. Please verify with the Support Records Division that the support was reduced on the computer system. If no reduction provision is in the order, then you may file a petition with the court by contacting the Clerk’s Office for the appropriate form.
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Can I stop paying support if I am denied visitation?
A judge must order support to be stopped in order to avoid contempt charges for non-payment of support. If visitation is being denied, you may file a contempt motion with the court by contacting the Clerk’s Office for the appropriate form.
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Can I send the payment directly to my spouse?
If your Court order states that child support is to be paid through the State of Florida Disbursement Unit, you must comply with that order. Failure to do so can constitute contempt. If you wish to have the original order modified, you will need to file the proper paperwork for a modification in accordance with the Florida Laws and Rules of Civil Procedure.
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What if I can't pay the amount ordered?
Florida Law states that child support can be reduced or increased if substantial change has occurred. This change may occur at the request of either the respondent or the petitioner. A court hearing is required for a modification; therefore, all pleadings must be filed in accordance with Florida Law and Rules of Civil Procedure.
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How can I have my support taken out of my pay check?
If you are making support payments and want your employer to process the payment for you, Clerk’s Office has Income Deduction Orders available. The petition can be filed with the Clerk's Office to be submitted to the Judge's office. Upon receipt of the signed Order form the Judge, an Order will be sent to your employer. You should continue to make your payments yourself until the Order is processed by your employer.
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What determines the amount of child support ordered by the Court?
In Florida, the amount of child support is governed by the guidelines established by Florida Statutes. A Child Support Guidelines Worksheet, available in Clerk’s Office as part of a pro se package of forms, will show you and the Court how the facts you have fit into Florida's child support law. The worksheet is based on monthly paychecks and bills.

The child support guidelines establish the basic child support obligation for parents whose combined net income is between $7,800 and $120,000 annually. If the parents' combined income is more than $120,000 annually, a formula is provided for the Court to establish support beyond the guidelines amount. If the combined parents' income is below $7,800, the Court determines the child support on a case-by-case basis.
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What are the child support guidelines based on?
The child support guidelines dollar amount is based on the number of children and the combined income of the parents. The child support obligation is divided between the parents in direct proportion to their income or earning capacity. The parent with whom the child lives most of the time (the "custodial" parent) is paid the established support by the other ("non-custodial") parent.

The Court, at its discretion, may increase or decrease the guidelines dollar amount by up to 5%. The child support guidelines dollar amount may be increased or decreased by more than 5% if the Court agrees with written reasons given for the change.
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Will the child support amount ever change?
Yes, child support can be modified by the Court if there is a substantial change in the circumstances of the family. If there is a change of 15% or $50.00, whichever is greater, in the child support guidelines, that may be reason for modifying child support.
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What is an income deduction order?
An Income Deduction Order or IDO is a court order instructing a payor's employer to withhold the child support payment from the payor's income and forward it to the Florida State Disbursement Unit.
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When will the FLSDU send out the Child Support Payment?
The FLSDU is required to disburse child support payments within 48 hours of receipt. If the Court has ordered child support payments to be paid through the FLSDU directly to you, not through Child Support Enforcement, you may wish to expedite receipt of the payment through the use of direct deposit. If you elect to use this service, please fill out and print the Authorization Agreement and, along with a VOIDED CHECK (for a checking account) or a DEPOSIT SLIP (for a savings account), and return to the address above.

Direct deposit will begin two (2) days after receipt of your completed authorization form. Any payments received between the receipt of your authorization form and the start of the direct deposit will be mailed to you. If any changes affect your bank routing number or account number submit a new authorization form immediately as the direct deposit will be rejected by your bank until the correct information is used. The State Disbursement Unit handles all rejected deposits by printing a check and mailing it to the address above.
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What should I do if my name, address or other information changes?
If you have a change in name or address or any other personal information which may affect your child support payments or the child support record, you are responsible for notifying the Clerk's Office. You may use the Notification of Change Form to submit your changes in writing and mail to the Clerk's Office, Child Support Division.
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