Teen Court Rules

It is a privilege to serve in our Courthouse and Courtrooms. Please show your respect by following the Court Rules.

  1. No food or drinks in the Courtroom.
  2. Turn off all electronic devices including cell phones and ipods.
  3. Once Court begins there is to be no talking or whispering and you must remain in your seats. Do not leave the Courtroom until all cases are completed and everyone is dismissed by the Judge.
  4. Obey the Teen Court Dress Code.
  5. Uphold the Teen Court Confidentiality Promise.
  6. Do not put your feet on the furniture.
  7. Be safe, fair and learn. Show respect for the court, yourself and others.
  8. Address the Judge as "Your Honor".


No hats, sunglasses, shorts or sandals allowed.
No tee shirts with pictures or slogans other than Teen Court T-shirts.
All shirts tucked in.
Remove all pierced jewelry in body parts other than ear lobes.
No visible tattoos.
Waist Band no more than two (2) inches below the waistline.


I solemnly promise that I will not divulge, either by words or signs, any information about the identities of defendants, victims or their families which comes to my knowledge during the course of Teen Court activities.

Respect for the confidentiality of Teen Court proceedings and participants is demanded of all volunteers and cannot be overstated. Appearing in any court is a personal matter. Teen Court sessions are confidential. Commitment to the Promise of Confidentiality is required at the beginning of each Teen Court session by all in attendance.

Warning! This means ... no names, schools, hometown or other obvious hints. We can talk about cases but not people. Failure to respect the Confidentiality Promise can result in suspension from the program.