If as a result of a moving violation, you elect to attend and complete traffic school, you will receive the following benefits pursuant to Florida Law:
  1. Your insurance rates cannot go up and your policy cannot be cancelled unless you are at fault in a crash. Reference s.626.9541(1)(o)12; s.318.14(9) and (10), Florida Statutes
  2. Points may not be added to your driver's license record, adjudication of guilt is withheld, safe driver status is maintained if applicable. Reference: s.318.14(9); s.322.27 & s.318.18(3), Florida Statutes
  3. If the violation resulted in a crash that required someone, including yourself, to be transported to a medical facility, the election would satisfy the statutory requirement to attend a Traffic Collision Avoidance Course. Reference: s.322.0261, Florida Statutes

  1. If you elect the traffic school option, you must complete the class and provide proof of completion within the time constraints imposed by the Clerk of Court in the County where you receive the citation. A registration fee is required by the traffic school.
  2. If you elect to option to pay the civil penalty, points will be applied against your license when applicable and your insurance rates may go up or your policy may be cancelled.
  3. If you elect the option to request a court appearance for the violation(s) and it is determined that an infraction has been committed, the Court may adjudicate you guilty, assess points, impose a civil penalty not to exceed $500.00 ($1000.00 for violations involving a death or speeding in school/construction zones) or require you to attend traffic school, or all of the above. Additionally, your insurance rates may go up or your policy may be cancelled.

The following is information on points assessed against your driver license if you choose to pay the civil penalty or are adjudicated guilty by a judge instead of attending and completing a driver improvement course:
Traffic Violation Points Assessed
Moving violations 3 points
Speeding 15mph or less over posted speed 3 points
Speeding more than 15mph over posted speed 4 points
Passing stopped school bus 4 points
Moving violation (non speeding) resulting in crash 4 points
Unlawful speed resulting in a crash 6 points
Reckless driving (criminal traffic violation) 4 points
Leaving scene of crash with damage (>$50) 6 points
Littering 3 points
Violation of child restraint laws 3 points
Amounts of Points Time Period Length of Suspension
12 Points accumulated within 12 months 30 days
18 points accumulated within 18 Months 3 Months
24 points accumulated within 36 Months 1 Year

Drivers age 15-17, who receive 6 points, will be restricted to a business purposes only license for 12 months or until reaching age 18. Restriction time is increased by 90 days for each additional point if additional points are accumulated.

Few Common Questions

What are the requirements for School elections?
  • Must be able to complete an approved driver improvements school within the State of Florida
  • Must sign a sworn statement that you have not elected school within the past 12 months and you have not elected more than 5 times in your lifetime
  • Must pay required penalty and costs for the ticket
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What is the proper procedure for School Enrollment?
    • Within 30 days from the date you receive the traffic citation and prior to attending class you must perform the following
    1. Inform the Clerk of Court in the county where you received the traffic citation that you want to go to traffic school
    2. Pay an election fee to the Clerk of Court in the county where you received the citation
  • Call the traffic course provided of your chose to register
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What if I decide to deny the charges/citation?

To deny the charges, you must contact the Clerk of Court at 352-569-6810 - Option 7 - to advise of your request for a formal hearing within 30 calendar days.

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