Payable civil infractions may be satisfied by the following means:

Enter a plea of not guilty and requesting a hearing before the court. You must notify the Clerk's Office, in person, or in writing, within thirty days from the date the citation was issued. Your case will be scheduled for a court date, and you will be advised when and where to appear. The officer who issued the citation and any other witnesses called by the officer will be present. You may also bring any witnesses you wish to testify on your behalf. If you are found guilty of a civil infraction, the court may assess a fine up to $500.00 and court costs, order you to attend a defensive driving course, or impose other penalties. A suspension will be issued against your driver's license and additional penalties will be imposed if you fail to comply with the court order within the specified time period or fail to appear for the hearing.

Elect to attend a driver improvement course, if provided by the law, Any person charged with a moving traffic violation is eligible to elect to attend a driver improvement course. You may not take a driver improvement course more than five times in your lifetime or more than once in a 12 month period. An election to attend a driver improvement course to satisfy the violation will be entered on your driver history records as an "adjudication withheld by Clerk of Court" and points will not be assessed against your driver license. You must make your election and pay the associated fines and costs to attend a driver improvement course in the county in which your ticket was issued within thirty days from the date the citation was issued.

You should contact the Traffic Department in the county in which you received your citation for the current penalty, or refer to the envelope provided by the officer at the time you were cited for the violation. After you complete and mail your election to the Clerk, contact a driver improvement school to arrange your class. You must enroll, attend, and complete the course approved by the Department of Highway Safety within 90 calendar days from the date you elected to attend (the date you signed the affidavit). You can refer to the yellow pages of your local telephone directory under "Driving Instruction" for names and locations.

There are also online driver improvement schools now available. If you fail or choose not to meet any one of the requirements for any reason, a processing fee must be paid prior to the end of the allotted 90 days. After 90 days, if the additional penalty and fees have not been paid, your driver license will be suspended and a late fee and reinstatement fee will be assessed. A conviction of the violation will be reported on your driver history and points assessed.