The Clerk of Court Records Management Center (RMC) is located at 990 N Main Street in Bushnell, and consists of 2 offices:

  • Records Storage Facility - a 5000 sqft building used for long term storage of Clerk and County Records
  • Archive and Administrative Office - where our day to day staff works on the permanent archival process of Clerk and County Records

The RMC is not open for public inspection due to the sensitivity of the documents contained within.  However, any material under its care is open to public inspection required that it falls under Florida Statue 119.07.  A request to inspect any record should be made through the appropriate Division of the Clerk's Office. 

Currently the Management Staff are involved in several archival projects in an effort to modernize the storage and distribution of Sumter County Records:

  • Scanning and indexing of backlog building permits and folders for the Sumter County Building Division
  • Scanning and indexing of Marriage Records/License Books
  • Scanning of Court Files for intergration to our Case Mangement System
  • Prepartion of documents and material that is no longer of value to the Clerk or general public for destruction
  • Archival of historic Dockets and Indexes back to 1853 in true color digital formats
  • Archival of historic BOCC Meeting folders